Monday, September 21

Best Europa stamp 2015 - Jury prize


The 2015 Best Europa stamp - Jury prize was awarded this week-end in Brussels’ town hall.

This was the fifth edition of this neutral and artistic prize.

Eight experts of the philatelic world were invited to join the jury and judge the Europa stamps based on their expert opinion.

This year's winner is Russia with the following stamp :

2nd – Sweden (under stamp)

3rd - Latvia (1.71 € value)

This year's Jury was composed of (from the left to the right:

• Andrée Trommer, General secretary of the Fédération internationale de philatélie (FIP), Luxembourg
• Olaf Neumann, Designer, Germany
• Stefan Klein, Designer, Germany
• Botond Szebeny, PostEurop's Secretary General, Hungary
• Guy Coutant, Pro Post, Belgium
• Eric Contesse, Philatelist expert,, France
• Arie Piet, Enschedé Printing, the Netherlands
• Antonio Manuel Amaral, PostEurop's coordinator (not part of the jury) • Jürgen Haepers, Philatelist expert,, Switzerland

1 comment:

David Rivera said...

I voted for Latvia :-) I was close, bronze medal :-)

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