Thursday, January 20

Russia 2022


Date of Issue: 20th January 2022

one stamp (55.- RUB)

This stamp is issued in a sheet of 12 stamps

In Russia, mythology is closely and inextricably linked to pagan culture; it is filled with tales of gods, rituals, and customs. Over the course of history, people had been inventing various mystical creatures to explain the unknown world around them. As time went on, many of the characters took root and became part of the culture of the peoples; they safeguarded, helped to gather a rich crop, to bring prosperity, recover from diseases and donated happiness.

Many of them are described in the narratives of Russian writers. For example, in poem Ruslan and Lyudmila by Aleksander Pushkin we read a passage about a sacred place Lukomorye and fairy tale personages living there: a learned cat, a mermaid, Kashchey, Baba-Yaga, and a warlock.

The postage stamp provides images of fairy tale personages from poem Ruslan and Lyudmila by Aleksander Pushkin.

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