Friday, February 15

Faroe Islands - Norden 2008

Faroe Islands - Norden

Date of Issue: 27th March 2008

2 stamps (2x 7.50 DKK) issued in one souvenir sheet


arserpent said...


I thought that this blog was only for Europa stamps; it would be great if it was; there are other resources for other stamp types, but this Europa blog is unique and I think it should remain as an Europa (PostEurop) blog only. Regards.

euroswiss said...

Thanks for your comment. But this blog never was or will never be only an Europa stamps dedicated blog ! Since the begining this blog has been dedicated to Europa joint issues as Europa (PostEurop), Norden or Sepac issues. I don't think it's such a problem, or is it ? :)

Kara said...

No problem at all. This site is beautifully presented and easy and pleasurable to explore. If vasco only wants europa stamps he can go ahead and ignore everything else on offer which will be his loss. I will be back and recommending others to visit too.

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