Friday, February 22

Ukraine 2008


Date of Issue: 12th March 2008

two stamps (2.47 & 3.33 UAH)

both stamps are issued in a mini-sheet of 10 stamps (5 of each) - 150'000 ex

both stamps are issued in a booklet of 2 stamps. Stamps are bigger in the booklet than in the mini-sheet ! - 30'000 ex


Eric Contesse said...

You can visualize the next French EUROPA stamp on the link below.
This link show you the design of many stamps to be issued by France in 2008, including the EUROPA stamp issued in june (the precise day is not yet known...).
Curiously, this stamp is shown with a value of 0.55€, the new inland postal rate since March, 1st...and not the Europe rate used for the 2007 stamp ?

To conlude and answer to one of your last commenters who didn't understand why you didn't speak only about Europa stamps on your blog...I encourage you to continue speaking also about Norden, Sepac and others joint issues !! it's always a great pleasure to see these issues for the first time on your blog :-))

euroswiss said...

Salut Eric

Thanks for the link ! I will add the picture of the stamp soon on my blog.

It's nice to see all the French stamps issued this year and as usual a nice souvenir-sheet with an European capital, this year beautiful Prague !

Thanks for the nice comment about my politic of publishing the Norden and Sepac stamps here too... ;o)


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