Tuesday, December 9

Faroe Islands - [Føroyar]

Faroe Islands - [Føroyar]

Capital: Tórshavn
Languages: Faroese, Danish
Population: 48 500
Currency: Danish Krone - DKK
Internet code: .fo
Status: Autonomous province of Denmark

more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faroe

Postverk Føroya

PostEurop member: no
UPU member: yes
Sepac member: yes
Norden member: yes

Europa stamps: since 1979 ->

Official site: http://www.stamps.fo
info: filateli@postur.fo

"They have their own stamps since 1975 and their first Europa stamps since 1979."

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Pilot Rock said...

I am looking for stamps collector from Faroe, it is misterial country for us.

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