Wednesday, December 17

Greenland 2009


Date of Issue: 19th January 2009

two stamps (6.25 & 8.- DKK)

Both stamps are also issued in a booklet of 12 self-adhesive stamps (6x each stamp).

Both stamps are also issued in mini-sheets of 8 stamps + 1 vignette (those stamps are also issued in sheets of 50 stamps !)


lefung said...

anyone from Greenland can help to get the items??
Thanks in advance!

euroswiss said...

You can order them directly from the Greenlandic postal administration here

or swap them with me later in 2009. I just collect only Europa stamps, so if you can offer some...

João Pedro said...


do you want europa 2008 stamps from portugal?
plase tell me if you want mint or in a letter cancelled!
send me your adress too!

you can visit my blogs and join to your favourites ...
there a kind of stoped until theend of thismounth, my free time is none by the moment! :(

hope to hear from you!


Unknown said...

information about Serbia Europa 2009 issues:
date of issue 05.05.2009.
2 stamps (46+50RSD-maybe will be change)
stamps will be issued in mini-sheets of 8 stamps + 1 vignette
Miomir Zivkovic from Serbia

philagivry said...

Un blog qui mérite d'être clair et précis.

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