Saturday, March 12

Andorra (French post) 2011

Andorra (French post)

Date of Issue: 9th May 2011

one stamp (0.58 €) - note this stamp is self-adhesive

the stamp is made with a special wood effect paper !


viridian said...

Interesting! I've not seen this look before.

bkn said...

Andorra, Boscos is made with special wood effect paper. A dealer on eBay says it is made of real wood.May be it is a self adhesive stamp made of paper with wood finish, relief type, giving an appearance as if made of wood. Confirmation or facts for all to know?

euroswiss said...

@bkn: this stamp isn't made out of real wood ! it's a kind of paper-plastic. If you try to lit fire on it would melt not burn ! ;o)

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