Tuesday, April 22

Armenia 2014


Date of Issue: 24th May 2014

two stamps (2x 350.- AMD)

Those stamps are issued in a mini sheets of 8 stamps

NOTE - it was first planned to issue mini sheets of 6 stamps. Finally, only the 8 stamps mini sheets have been issued !


Unknown said...

Armenia Post announces this issue in sheets of 8. The image here is in sheets of 6? While sheets of 8 are out and being sold, has anyone seen sheetlets of 6 ?

euroswiss said...

@ArmenStamp - I received the pictures of the 6 stamps last April directly from the Armenian post. I wrote them an e-mail today to ask them if the 8 stamps sheets replaced the 6 stamps sheets or if both were issued. Stay tuned !

Unknown said...

I can confirm that the minisheets contain 8 stamps each.

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