Tuesday, April 1

Latvia 2014


Date of Issue: 11th April 2014

two stamps (0.78 & 1.71 €)

both stamps are issued in mini-sheets of 10 stamps tête-bêche

the 0.78 € stamp will be issued in a booklet of 4 stamps. That booklet will be issued especially for the International stamp fair in Essen Germany at only 6000 copies !


mcg said...

Hello friend:

Is correct the printing run of the booklet from Latvia?
In 2013 the run of the booklet with the EUROPA stamp was 3000 copies...

Best regards,


euroswiss said...

@ MCG - yes it's the correct printing run ... official information from the Latvian post.

euroswiss said...

@ MCG - it was a mistake from the Latvia post ! So the number has been corrected and it is 6000 this year instead of 5000 !

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