Friday, October 7

Best Europa stamp 2022


The 2022 Best Europa stamp has been announced by PostEurop in this press release.

Luxembourg (stamp 2/2) is the winner of the 2022 Best Europa stamp contest organized by PostEurop. Finland (stamp 1/2) finished second and Liechtenstein (stamp 2/2) is third.


As written earlier on this blog, PostEurop changed the rules for this contest. 3 voting panels (public, jury and operators) are selecting the best Europa stamp. The results of these three panels are compiled and gives an overall winner.

Luxembourg wins the overall contest in a deserved way by winning 2 of the 3 voting panels :

Public voting :

1. Finland
2. Georgia
3. Turkey

Jury voting :

1. Luxembourg
2. Liechtenstein
3. Switzerland

Postal operators voting :

1. Luxembourg
2. Finland
3. Åland

Consolidated result of all three panels - top 10 :

1. Luxembourg
2. Finland
3. Liechtenstein
4. Croatia
= Georgia
= Åland
7. Azerbaijan
= Germany
9. Switzerland
= Turkey

Note that Belarus and Russia were excluded of this contest due to their aggression of Ukraine.
Armenia withdrew for "technical" reasons.

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