Wednesday, July 27

Ukaine 2023 - Design national selection


UPDATE 2 - On PostEurop's request, the Ukrainian winning stamp (with the sunflowers) has been replaced in the European contest by the design that took second place (n° 1 - girl with dove). This stampa arrived 2nd in the European selection behind Luxembourg who won the contest.

UPDATE 1 - stamp n°2 (with the sunflowers) won the Ukrainian national selection as announced the 26th of July by the Ukrainian post :

Not sure if it will suit the European voters as this "peace" stamp is too much related to Ukraine. I think n° 1 or n° 4 would have been a better choice. They have less Ukrainian symbols depicted, making it more a design in which more Europeans can relate to.


What I wrote earlier when the Ukrainian national selection was launched :

No information about the 2022 Europa stamps issue of Ukraine yet...

But the Ukrainian post is already actively working on their 2023 issue ! 

On the 15th of July, Ukrposhta published an online voting on Facebook (but also on Instagram and Telegram) in order to select the design of their entry for the 2023 common Europa stamp issue.

Their entry will enter a European "final" who will select the design used on all Europa stamps next year.

The 2023 common theme will be : "PEACE - the highest value of humanity"

The result of the Ukrainian selection will be announced on the 22nd of July 2022.


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