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Cyprus (Turkish post) 2022

Cyprus (Turkish post)

Date of Issue: 9th May 2022

two stamps (6.- & 10.75 TRY)

both stamps are also issued in mini-sheets of 8 stamps

Karakiz - In the early days of the Ottoman Empire, shepherds used to wander only during the day on the rock to the east of Kyrenia. No one would dare to go there at night, believing that this area is unlucky and gathering place for jinn at night. A shepherd herding cattle here had a very beautiful daughter known as Karakiz. Karakiz’s favourite thing was to bathe in this bay. Young shepherds who visited that region fell in love with her because of her beauty. A rich shepherd’s son liked her and had his parents ask her father to give his daughter as a bride. Since Karakiz liked him, the wedding preparations started. On the day of her wedding, Karakiz got bored with the heat of the wedding dress she wore and the veil on her head, so she went down the bay to have a bath and relax. After she took off her wedding dress of the shore, she went into the sea with her veil. Legend has it that there was an eye (whirlpool) at the bottom of the big rock in the bay that opened certain times and closed after swallowing everything there. Just when Karakiz entered the sea, that eye opened and swallowed her : the body was never found. Only her veil was found near the shore, and it was given to the groom as a souvenir. From that day on, the rocky area was called "Karakiz’s lair", while the bay to the west of this area was named "Karakiz bay".
Pygmalion and Galatea - The ancient city of Carpasia was a harbour town located on the coast, 4 km west of today’s Dipkarpaz village. It was established as a city-state during Pagan times, before Christianity. Today, it is possible to see the fortification walls and columns of the palace in the clear waters of the sea. The legendary king Pygmalion, who founded this city, had an artistic character. He decorated his palace with his own carved marble sculptures. He wasn’t satisfied with the surrounding women, but was waiting for his ideal : his queen. One day, he began to carve a beautiful woman, sculpted from snow-white marble. Day by day, Pygmalion fell in love with his own carved sculpture. Each day, his love grew deeper. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, took pity on Pygmalion and want to end his sorrow. One day, when the king hugged the sculpture, he realized that it had come to life ; that his creation had colour in its cheeks, and was looking at him lovingly. He gave the fair-skinned woman the name "Galatea, which means "as white as milk". He married her, and they had a son named Paphos. Years passed, and the King said to his son : Dear son, I have established a kingdom at the very easternmost point of the island. Go to the west and found your own kingdom. It is believed that the city of Paphos or Baf, was founded by and named after Paphos, the son of King Pygmalion.

NOTE : the stamps issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus aren't recognized on an international level, not by the UPU nor by PostEurop.

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